Mouseflow integration into Magento

This simple tutorial will show you how to integrate Mouseflow into your Magento online shop. We assume that you have already installed the KetLabs Mouseflow extension for Magento into your Magento web site.

Step 1) Register for a Mouseflow account if you don’t have one yet, by clicking the Sign Up button on the right:

Step 2) Once you have entered your web site, copy in the Clipboard the JavaScript code needed for the integration through the My Account menu, clicking the Edit link for your web site:

Step 3) Log on into your Magento admin backend and open the Mouseflow settings screen from the System > Configuration menu

Step 4) Paste the JavaScript code from Step 2 into the textarea and click the “Save Config” button. Now your customers actions will be recorded and you can playback them later to see how do they interact with your web site.